Fede Conte was born in Brussels, Belgium from italian parents.

In his early 18 years his passion came about: the guitar. His self taught formation of the guitar came about due to different influences, i.e. Zucchero to Metallica. It’s due to these musicians that Fede Conte credits the rich, open, characteristics of his music personality.


In 1995, he became not only a guitarist but composer for several rock bands.

After some musical experiences and in order to stay completely honest and respect himself, he took the decision to compose the music that would fit his own lyrics, enabling him to express, with is voice in his own manner, what he has to say.


Quite naturally, Fede Conte chose Italian to express himself. None the less, he remains an Italo-Belgian.  He is very proud and honors his Latin origins, which has given him that Mediterranean passion of fire and generosity. Italian, being the musical language that it is, marries very nicely with his voice rendering it smooth, hot and seducing.


In 2002, he successfully passed the singing contest selection for the R.T.B.F. (Belgian Television) talent program “Pour La Gloire” ("For The Glory" – former version of The Voice) in Brussels. Even though he didn’t get the first prize when he sang “Baila”, written by the author/composer Zucchero, he was highly praised about his voice and talent. 

In 2004, Fede Conte finished his first solo album, “Paragone” (Comparison). This gem is based on different instances of life. Each song is one of a kind, dripping with the pleasures of life… and living: sometimes shocking; sometimes painful. “Paragone”, with its beautiful comparisons, rambles through and shows the diversity of how we human beings are woven. Our egoisms, unavailability, non-complicity, lack of understanding, but also love, hope, values, respect… Each song renders different types of strong feelings! Lots of emotions!

In 2008, he started to write his second album, but did not finalize it.

Fede Conte's adventure was put on pause.  The album never saw the light of day.  But the compositions never ceased to exist in the artist’s head. 


It was only in the middle of 2019, 11 years later, that Fede Conte decided to reunite the musicians to finalize the work, record the album and distribute it.

In September 2019, Fede Conte is back to work in studio, showcase and album release are scheduled on 11/09/2020 in Brussels